Insurance and Warranty Compliance

Insurance and Warranty Compliance

To assist in reducing owner liability, AIF Services can provide verification of the overall building integrity. Proof of proper installation and maintenance is critical not only to the building owner but to the insurance claims adjusters.

In terms of the manufacturer’s warranty anything that is not produced and/or supplied by them will not be covered. This is understandable, because the terms and conditions of their warranties have been crafted to protect their interests.

We can help the owners navigate through the maze of issues that can determine if they will be covered. For instance, a claim can be disallowed because the manufacturer has not been notified a “timely manner.” By not being aware of the care and maintenance guidelines that all manufacturers provide, the warranty can be voided very easily by overlooking important steps.

Improper Masonry Repair

Adjusters are looking for things that will disqualify claims.  The manufacturer’s installation guidelines and the industry standards for construction materials must be followed to have valid coverage.

Here we found the use of non compatible materials on this chimney caused the separation of the substrates.   This allowed water to enter the structure.  AIF Services gave the homeowners guidance on proper masonry repair options.